About us


      As partners in business, but more importantly life, we share a connection that allows us to anticipate each other’s movements so that we can best capture all of your movements on that special day. Shooting at different focal lengths, just a look between us triggers a dance around our subjects, allowing us to capture those special moments from every angle. Two different perspectives, two different photographers, means two different stories told of your one special day. A hobby at first, capturing the laugh between a couple, a mother playing with her child, or a dad walking his daughter down the aisle, quickly turned into a business fueled by a passion for preserving life’s beautiful moments. For us, every shoot is unique and an intrinsic part of working with new clients starts long before the special day. By getting to know our clients well, we deliver tailored ideas and meaningful locations that perfectly suit each new couple. A simple brick wall, a lovely stroll through the park, or a sunny day at the beach are just some of the beautiful backdrops used to capture the love shared between a couple. We love what we do. We love the promises, the romance, the glitz and glamour, and the personal touches that makes each special union unique. We also love to have fun and to remind each couple to stop and look into each other’s eyes and to remember that they are living their happily ever after. Always on another shoot, rare downtime means you’ll find us relaxing at home watching Netflix, delving into a good book, or (who are we kidding) editing photos from a recent outing. Get in touch with us and, while your special day will come and go, you’ll be able to have the captured moments take your breathe away forever. Jessica & Shane PS. We are huge Office watchers.  Check out the names of our different packages.